The Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You’ve worked so hard to get to this moment, so here is our sagest advice to ensure you nail that #flawless insta-shot that grandma can proudly show her bingo-buddies and mah-jong mates.

How do I wear my academic dress regalia?

As in – there is more than one option for where you put your arms through and no, please don’t wear your mortar board like a flat top.

On the day, The Grad Shop staff are available to help “dress” you (whether you bring your pre-purchased regalia or pick it up that day from hire/purchase) at The Mathews Pavilions (behind the John Clancy Auditorium). We also check everyone quickly before they head into the auditorium, but the earlier you come in and get kitted out, the more time you’ll have for your grad-selfies.

What do I wear under my gown?

This isn’t just your usual Friday night out. You’ve put in the hard slog for years to reach this moment, so make it a special one. Attire should be formal (think a fancy dinner date). The gown is black, worn to approximately mid-calf and worn open so that the front of your outfit will be visible. Your hood colour is dependent on your faculty.

Gentlemen should wear a collared shirt and tie, trousers and polished shoes (no jeans or trainers). The hood is designed to be worn with a tie. We do sell UNSW ties on the day if you are chasing one!

Ladies should choose appropriate attire for the formal occasion, please choose shoes and clothes you are confident with walking in, ‘cos you’ll have to walk up some stairs and across stage.

Hot tip: We usually have people come in early to get fitted, book and collect their academic dress so that they can sort out their grad outfit earlier (and take photos) without stress.

What time and where do I go on the day?

First, you’ll need to go up to the Mathews Pavilions, located behind the John Clancy auditorium and get fitted and/or dressed by The Grad Shop staff. If there are any last minute issues with size, we can sort that out for you then too. Dressing times depend on your ceremony time – but the earlier you get this out of the way, the more time you have for photos and less stressful your day will be.

10am Ceremony:

  • Dressing available from 7:30am,
  • Auditorium opens at 9:15am,
  • Graduands need to be seated for their briefing by 9:30am.

2pm Ceremony:

  • Dressing available from 11am,
  • Auditorium opens at 1:15pm,
  • Graduands need to be seated for their briefing by 1:30pm.

6:30pm Ceremony:

  • Dressing available from 3:30pm,
  • Auditorium opens at 5:45pm,
  • Graduands need to be seated for their briefing by 6:00pm.

The auditorium will open 45mins before your ceremony and you need to be seated half an hour beforehand for briefing.

Academic dress must be returned no later than two (2) hours after the ceremony has finished at the Pavillion behind The John Clancy Auditorium with the EXCEPTION OF THE 6:30pm SESSION. Graduates attending this session must return their academic dress no later than one (1) hour after the ceremony has concluded.

A daily rate penalty will apply to all late returns of academic dress.

How do I know when my ceremony is?

You’ll have a personal invitation from UNSW, check your student inbox or contact the Graduations Team at Student Central. Make sure you double-check the date you are graduating!

Can I take photos before the ceremony?

If you get in early enough (and are dressed) – you should have enough time to take your photos around campus beforehand. For professional photos, packages are listed in the UNSW Graduation Info Guide.

What about memorabilia?

Grad bears and hoodies – you know the drill.

Is that everything?

Pretty much. You can hire / purchase online now or go into The Grad Shop (Ground Floor Morvern Brown Building, at the top of the Basser Steps) for a fitting first. Open hours and contact information are available here.

If you’ve got any more questions, feel free to hit us up or for more graduations info, contact the UNSW Graduations Team at Student Central.

Arc and The Grad Shop are excited to see you off and wish you all the best on your next grand adventure. Thanks for sharing your journey with us.