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UNSW x Adidas Navy blue jumper with yellow stripes and logo
Multi country travel adapter with UNSW logo
Navy polo shirt with a UNSW colour logo on the breast
Grey hoodie with a blue hood lining featuring the UNSW full colour logo and science text underneath
Plaque with full colour UNSW logo
98cm umbrella available in red, blue and grey with the UNSW logo in white - red
UNSW Reusable Graduate Bag
Circle UNSW pin with full colour crest
Bright yellow laptop sleeve with lion and UNSW logo in black. Laid out with a notebook, pencil, watch and frank green keep cup.
UNSW cufflinks featuring the full colour UNSW logo - view 1
Jansport backpack with a suede leather bottom and embroidered UNSW logo on the front pocket - in black
Plush bear in academic dress with glasses, holding a graduation scroll
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