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Activewear and Bottles

Black mug with a contrast interior available in three colours, white UNSW logo on the front - blue
Navy rugby jersey with a white collar, yellow and gold horizontal stripes, the UNSW logo and the Canterbury logo on the chest
Glass SOL coffee cup with a coloured lid and silicon grip available in eight colours, UNSW logo on the grip - Deep Sea Green
Glass SOL bottle with a bamboo lid and coloured silicon sleeve with the UNSW logo - deep sea green
White mug with the UNSW colour logo
UNSW x Adidas Navy blue jumper with yellow stripes and logo
UNSW X Adidas Trackpants
Under Armour x UNSW Rush Tee
UNSW x Adidas Jacket ladies in navy blue with yellow stripes and logo
Under Armour x UNSW Forefront Jacket
UNSW X Under Armour Men's Tank
A white mug with black graduation caps and graduate of UNSW text